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Inshore Fishing
​Sarasota Bay is a great area to fish. There are many different types of fish that call this area home, and there is almost always a good bite to be found. Whether you are a seasoned angler who is proficient with artificial lures, or fishing for the first time, there are plenty of options available. Pricing is for up to 3 people. $50 for an additional person. 4 Person maximum. 
4 Hours (half day) - $500 
6 Hours (3/4 day) - $700
8 Hours (all day)  - $900
At G FORCE FISHING CHARTERS, I take care to provide you, my customer, with high quality services personalized for your unique needs. Trips are booked on a first come, first serve basis. So please let me know as soon as possible what dates you are looking for so I am able to meet your needs. I don't take deposits, so please let me know if there will be a cancellation as soon as you can. Corporate trips and Family events available upon request. 
I provide: Water and all necessary fishing gear, licenses, and fish cleaning. 
Feel free to bring: Any beverages you would like, sunscreen, sunglasses, a cooler to put fish fillets in (if you want to keep fish), any snacks you might want, a light rain jacket (you can never be too sure), and if possible, no black soled shoes. And NO Bananas. 
Near shore Fishing
​During certain times of year the near shore fishing bite can be red hot. My favorite time of year for near shore fishing is from fall-spring. In the spring and fall the kingfish migration is in full swing and they can be caught very close to shore, along with sharks, bonito, and spanish mackeral. We also catch tripletail in the fall/winter time, which are excellent table fare and put up one heck of a fight! In the winter time between cold fronts there are plenty of grouper and snapper to be caught on the reefs and ledges.  Pricing is for up to 3 people. $50 for an additional person. 4 Person maximum. 
​4 Hours (half day) - $600
6 Hours (3/4 day) - $850
8 Hours (All Day) - $1050
Tarpon Fishing
This is possibly my favorite type of fishing. The tarpon migration in our area usually starts in early/ mid May and runs through late July/ early August. We start early (usually before the sun is up) just off the beaches looking for pods of fish rolling on the surface heading up and down the beach. As the sun gets higher in the sky, the tarpon become less active on the surface, and we move to the sand bars looking for cruising fish. And these fish aren't small. They can range from 60#s, all the way up over 200#s, with the average fish being between 80-120#s.  They are very spastic when hooked, making long runs and impressive jumps. Its a rush for sure!
Pricing is for up to 2 people. $50 for an additional person. 3 Person maximum. 
6 Hours (half day) - $750
8 Hours (all day)  -$950
​Night Time Snook Fishing
The fishing doesn't stop just because the sun goes down. This is probably the easiest way to catch a snook, and the most enjoyable because you can watch the fish eat! They can be found around docks, bridges, and seawalls that have lights on them. The lights attract small baitfish and shrimp, and the snook take advantage of this. They can be caught using several different techniques, such as lures, live shrimp and sardines. They can also be caught on a fly rod pretty easily, due to being able to use smaller baitfish patterns that better mimic the bait they are feeding on. Trout and redfish can also be found on the lights, providing a nice variety. 
Pricing is for up to 2 people. $50 for an additional person. 3 Person maximum. 
4 hours - $550